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St. Mary Cathedral Parish at 219 Seymour Avenue, Lansing, MI 48933 US - Home

St. Mary Cathedral Parish Welcomes You !

He is Risen! He is truly Risen!

We may imagine the Resurrection of Jesus with a blare of trumpets and the clashing of cymbals so as to announce the splendor and triumph of life over death, but it came more with the sound of stone moving against stone.

That sound was followed likely by a sudden gasp of a woman in witness to the stone rolled away. Then there was the sound of her running footfalls going away, to be followed by more footfalls, this time approaching, made by two.

Gradually, eventually, the sound of Jesus’ Resurrection came from the lips of his followers who attested to seeing him, meeting him even on the road to Emmaus and recognizing him in the breaking of the bread.

You and I echo the growing, swelling sound of that first day of the new creation when we too proclaim our belief that He is Risen! He is truly Risen! and reflect that belief by our lives changed in gratitude for the salvation he has brought to us. Fr. Bernie

Pope Francis speaks on how Christians should approach the lenten season.  This video is approximately three minutes -Pope Francis on Ash Wednesday.

Pope Francis also has a two minute video - Getting Back on Track this Lent.

Both videos were provided by the Catholic News Service.

Our Diocesan Services Appeal theme – “For You Are All One in Christ Jesus”, reminds us that we are all children of God, joined together in one faith family. We are able to accomplish so much when we come together as one family in faith. Our parish goal of $50,899 can only be reached with the sacrificial support of each one of us.  We have not yet reached our Parish goal please prayerfully consider how you or your family will respond to this call to carry on Christ’s work in our community. 

Dr. Tim Flynn our Music Director has provided a listing of musical selections that will be performed at the 11:00 Sunday Mass by our St. Mary Cathedral Choir. Click musical selections or on the right under Music.

St. Mary Pictorial Directories are available for sale for $10.  You may stop by the Parish Office or stop in the Sacristry after Mass. 

The Catholic Bishops of Michigan have responded to Judge Bernard Friedman's ruling that Michigan must permit same-sex "marriage. Click on same-sex marriage response for the response. The bishops write collectively under the name of the Michigan Catholic Conference, the official public policy voice of the Catholic Church in this state.

We hope you enjoy your visit and encourage you to check back for updates!  

St. Mary Cathedral Celebrates 100 Years Press Release 

Parish Library

A Parish Library is being established for use by St. Mary parishioners.  The library will contain wholesome books, DVDs, VHS tapes, or CDs (music or other audio).   Donations are being accepted ....

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Traveling ??
Do you need to know a Mass schedule? Call Toll Free  1-800-MassTimes (1-800-627-7846)  or click Mass Times for an easy to use website.  A map of the United States will appear.  Enter your destination information or click on the State and select the city you are traveling to.

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Food Collections for Advent House Ministries

With the economy affecting so many people in the Lansing area, we would like to increase our food collection to Advent House Ministries.  We have heard ....
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Website Suggestions
If you have comments or suggestions that would improve the St. Mary Cathedral Parish website.  Please email   Thank you.
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Catholic Young Adults of Lansing

Young adults (age 18 to 30's) in the greater Lansing area are invited to come together under the patronage of the Blessed Virgin Mary to draw closer to Jesus Christ and to share the Catholic faith in prayer, fellowship and service.  ...
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